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    When to Call the Doctor

    Sometimes it is hard to know when to call your baby’s health care provider. Never hesitate to call if you are worried about your baby’s health. Call your baby’s health care provider if your baby has any of the following symptoms:

    Behavior (marked change)Unusual irritability, excessive sleepiness, general restlesness, lethargy, excessive crying
    Bowel Movements (frequency varies depending on baby's age and whether breast or bottle feeding)Blood or mucous present; bad odor; or, in general, a sudden change in the number of stools; cries when having a bowel movement
    Breathing difficultiesFlaring nostrils, wheezing, grunts when breathing
    CircumcisionSwollen, bleeding, unusual discharge
    Diaper rashRash that does not heal, looks excessively red or raw, or is accompanied by thrush (white patches)
    EyesExcessive tearing, swelling, redness or yellow-green discharge
    FeedingsLoss of appetite or refuses food for a couple of feedings in a row
    FeverAn axillary temperature greater than 99.5º Fahrenheit (37.5º Celsius )
    MouthWhite patches present on the roof and sides of the mouth and/or on tongue (thrush)
    Skin (Refer to section on Jaundice)Feels hot or moist, sweating, blotchy, pustular rash, dried out, yellow color present
    Umbilical cord (Small amount of bleeding is normal)Bad-smelling drainage, bleeding a lot, swelling, redness of the surrounding skin
    UrinationChange in color and/or odor of urine, urinates less often
    VomitingVomits often and a lot