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    Labor Medications - Labor Augmentation/Induction

    Type When/How Given Advantages Possible Side Effects/Disadvantages

    Prostaglandin Gel or insert (Cervidil)

    Administered vaginally prior to induction of labor

    Increases cervical elasticity and softens/ripens cervix.

    Requires fetal monitoring for one to two hours after insertion.

    Risk for sustained contractions.

    Misoprostyl (Cytotec)

    Administered orally or vaginally prior to induction of labor.

    Assists in cervical ripening

    May stimulate contractions and enhance effects of Pitocin if used

    Risk for sustained contractions

    Requires fetal monitoring

    C. Oxytocin (Pitocin)

    Used for induction of labor or augmentation during labor.

    Administered through intravenous pump.

    Induces (begins) labor contractions.

    Augments (increases) strength and frequency of ongoing labor contractions.

    Requires fetal monitoring.

    May increase frequency, strength and pain of contractions.