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    Postpartum Medications

    Type When/How Given Advantages Possible Side Effects/Disadvantages

    Oxytocin (Pitocin)

    Given after delivery of the placenta usually in IV bag or injection if no IV present.

    Injection or one IV bag usually given after delivery to ensure that the uterus remains contracted and may prevent excessive bleeding.

    Causes the uterus to contract.



    Given after delivery either orally or by injection. Often a series of six pills.

    Given when excessive vaginal bleeding occurs.

    Stronger than Oxytocin.

    Cramping and nausea.

    Contraindicated if high blood pressure problematic.

    Carboprost Tromethamine

    Given for excess bleeding that is not stopped by Pitocin and/or Methergine

    Rapid Acting

    Stronger than oxytocin

    Nausea and vomiting

    Use cautiously if have asthma, hypertension diabetes, or renal disease

    Misoprostol Given rectally for excess bleeding Rapid acting and less side effects than Carboprost Tromethamine